Top Haunts Magazine launched in 2012 | Top Haunts

Top Haunts Magazine launched in 2012 | Top Haunts

The Best in the Halloween and Haunt Industry

Top Haunts features the best in the Halloween and haunt industry, including haunted attractions, manufacturers, special effects makeup artists and more.

Beginning as a website with a voting poll in 2011, Top Haunts has evolved into an unparalleled source of quality content, featuring exclusive photos, videos and interviews with some of the most influential people in the horror genre.

In addition to producing online content, Top Haunts publishes special print edition magazines.

Anonymous Reviews

Top Haunts is always in search of the best haunted attractions. Top Haunts reviewers visit as many haunted attractions as possible, anonymously testing every aspect of a haunted attraction's experience. 

Reviewers are knowledgable and passionate about the Halloween and haunt industry. To avoid special treatment, reviewers experience haunted attractions from the guest's perspective, blending in with their surroundings and engaging in the same type of activity as any ordinary guest. Reviewers evaluate haunted attractions based on overall quality, originality, service and other criteria. Reviewers, along with principals of Top Haunts, determine which haunted attractions will be featured and/or awarded.


No company pays to be reviewed, featured and/or awarded. Selections made by Top Haunts are genuine because there is no money involved.